Comprehensive treatment for all GI cancers, advanced laparoscopy and treatment of other complicated GI diseases.

Treatment for GI Cancers:

Every cancer is different and hence treatment has to be individualized based on which organ the tumor is arising from, what is the stage of the disease and patient condition. Treatment of most GI Cancers is extremely complex. I with my team of dedicated gastroenterologist, medical oncologist, anesthetists, pain care specialist, critical care specialist, stoma therapist and physiotherapist at Medica Superspecialty Hospital provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary team approach to the care of cancer patients.

Here, I have attempted to simplify things so as to give a brief and simplistic overview of the treatment of GI cancers. Please note that descriptions given here are simplified for easy understanding, the actual procedure and treatment is much more complex.
The primary treatment of most GI Cancers is surgery. Chemotherapy is required in the post-operative setting only if the disease is advanced. If on initial work up the disease is found to be advanced and not amenable for surgery palliative chemotherapy is advocated.

Radiotherapy is recommended for rectal cancer and in selective cases of esophageal and GE Junction cancers.
GI Lymphomas should be treated with chemotherapy. Surgery is indicated only when there are complications like bleeding, perforation, obstruction or not responding to chemotherapy.
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